What to Expect

A freestyle photography session is relaxed and fun.  Stiff posing is avoided and no one is told to “smile for the camera.”    Using a mixture of documentary stlye photography in a casual, relaxed setting ensures the creation of natural, genuine portraits you will cherish for years to come.  My relaxed, fun approach to the session enables you and/or your child to forget about the camera and engage in play and interaction.   My goal for the session is to create images that capture the personality of the person being photographed for memories that last a lifetime. 


My sessions with infants are relaxed with plenty of time for seeing to baby’s needs as they arise. Consider how you would like your baby dressed for this important first session.  Tiny infants are often overwhelmed by clothes and look best in their birthday suit!  If you have a favorite hat or blanket, bring it along.  With older babies, think color and fun!  Tutus, overalls, sun dresses, and frilly panties are so adorable.  No tutu?  No worries, I have several to choose from.


Please ensure that your child is well-rested and not hungry prior to the session.  I do use candy as a bribe, so if you do not want me to bribe with candy, please discuss this with me.   You may want to bring a special toy or other item your child loves to include in the session.

Parents are welcome as observers.  Other children not involved in the session, grandparents, and other observers tend to be distractions.  If you must bring other children to the session, please have activities planned to keep them amused while attention is focused on the primary subject.   My style is fun and interactive to help your child relax and be a natural child.  Please let me direct your child if direction is needed.  Sometimes the best photographs are when they are not smiling and looking at the camera but absorbed in their play or thoughts.

Dress your child in clothing you both love.  Clothing choice is important and I recommend that parents choose clothes with fun color and lots of personality.    Hats, costumes, toys, or other props that are natural for your child can enhance the experience.   We can stop for clothing changes, snacks, and breaks to keep you child at ease and comfortable. 

Teens and Adults:

Bring your ideas for poses and locations and lets see what we can achieve working together.  The freestyle session with adults and teens is a collaberative experience, relaxed and creative.  Whether it is for head shots,  the commemoration of a milestone, or just because, you are photogenic.  I am especially patient with those who do not like having their picture taken…my job is not to “take pictures” but to document who you are for memories that will last a lifetime.


Pets are wonderful and challenging to photograph.  As with children, I am patient and watchful for that special look or pose.  Select  your location based on where your pet is comfortable:   home, dog park, agility field, horse rink, lake, or even the beach.  In action, giving kisses to their human, or laid back basking in the sunlight, a freestyle session will capture your pet’s personality.  Feel free to include costumes, toys, and treats that your pet loves. 

After Your Session:

Proofs will be uploaded to a private viewing site within a week of your session.  I will notify you by e-mail when they are available.  While I take between 100-200 images during the session, I will only upload the best 20-25 for you to narrow down to your favorite 10 images for further processing.  As quickly as you choose your favorite 10 I will complete the post-processing and will notify you when your photos are available for ordering.  You can share your password to your viewing site with anyone you choose and your photos will be available for viewing for 30 days once the final images are posted.