Take your Dog to Work Day

It was Take Your Dog to Work day on Friday (June 26), and I was asked to photograph the dogs who were visiting with their moms at the University of Georgia’s Performing Arts Center. 

The first set of dogs I photographed were a pair of puppies:  Parker, a 5-month-old Yorkie, and his little sister, 5-month-old Chihuachua, LuLu.

Parker and Lulu in their desk-top bed!

Parker and Lulu in their desk-top bed!

Here is Parker’s close-up!

And here is LuLu (note her red toenails)!


Next was Miss Bella, a beautiful Chow/Corgie mix who was visiting with her mom in the Administrative offices.


And finally, there was Chewie, who tried to chew my nose, my camera, my ear, my fingers….He is a 2-month-old mix who has a place reserved for him on his mom’s desk.

Chewie, a 2-month old mixed puppy, cute as can be!

Here is Chewie with is proud mom, Erin!

Chewie with his Mom, Erin, Facilities Manager at the PAC.

It was a ton of fun photographing these adorable pooches, and  I got lots of puppy kisses!  I hope to do it again soon.


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