Welcome to Anne Edens Photography

I have been interested in photography for years, having inherited my uncle’s 35mm single lense reflex  (SLR) Nikons (three of them) and equipment (a bag _full_ of lenses and filters).  I took a course on basic 35mm photography and was hooked.  Took some great (in my opinion) shots with that camera, but never really got good at using the 35mm camera because of the time delay between taking the shot and seeing it afterwards.  Unfortunately you have got to take a lot of photos to get a sense of what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong, and I am awful about remembering to drop film off to be developed.  I hate to say it, there were a also couple of times I was shooting away with out film in the camera!  Overall, I enjoyed the 35mm, but found it frustrating, as I needed more immediate feedback on what I just shot.

Then came digital and  a couple of years ago I decided to get a new camera.  After pricing good point and shoot digital cameras, I began looking at the DSLRs (Digital Single Lense Reflex, the digital 35mm camera).  I had enjoyed the flexibility I had with the 35mm camera and the lenses and did not want to be constrained by the limitations of a point and shoot, no matter how good a camera they can be.  Well, I purchased a Nikon D50 DSLR  and a telephoto lense.  I fell in love with the camera and I fell back in love with photography, given the immediate gratification of digital photography.  I have furthered my education in photography via seminars, conferences, participation in online learning opportunities,  and I am a member of the Athens Photography Guild.

I love to take photographs of children at play and interacting with people whom they love.  There is a freshness about them that the camera loves.  Childhood is fleeting, and when I capture a moment that expresses their essence, it is a magical thing.

Teens are fully in the process of developing and solidifying their identities.  Photographing that transformation from child to young adult takes the ability to really see and hear what the teen is all about.  My years of working with teens, really listening to them, is seen in my photography.

I also love the goofiness and majesty of animals.  Dogs, cats, butterflies, any critter (with perhaps the exception of spiders!), it does not matter.  Some of my favorite photos are the result of following around my dogs and cats.

Living in Athens, GA, provides me with opportunities to photograph concerts and performances.  Musicians and performers convey a special energy when they are on stage.  Seeing it through the lense of a camera is awesome.

So, if you live in the NE GA area, and would like me to work my camera magic with you, your child, your pet, or your band, drop me a line.  I will be happy to discuss arrangements with you.

Say Cheese!

Anne W. Edens


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